September 08, 2012

Electricity prices in different states of India

As on 01st June 2013 the Comparison of power tariff as per the latest tariffs declared by various state Regulatory commissions for the common domestic consumer  are as follows :

Electricity prices in different states of India

Note :
 1. The comparison is for 200 units consumption in domestic category
 2. For Delhi 2.90 Rs./unit includes subsidy of 1 Re per unit for domestic consumers
 3. without    subsidy the tariff in Delhi for 200 units would be Rs. 3.90 per unit

Earlier the comparison was done in 2011: Click here to view the same

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  1. How are these average tariffs computed?

  2. you must compare the average rate not just for the first 100 / 200 units ... in the recent times 200 units per month consumption is not enough when the new electronic meters are reading even the loss without consumption.

  3. can you please provide the industrial / commercial tariff comparison for the states / Discoms / Utilities across India??


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